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Edudemic Article - How iPads Change Classrooms

Edudemic, an online community about learning, recently published an article written by Chris Blundell about observations from our journey with iPads at Redlands College.


Presentation for the Apple Qld Schools Network

Following is a video presentation, presented to the Apple Qld Schools Network on the 26/11/2012.  The presentation gives a general report on Redlands College's progress in relation to iPad implementation within the college, reflecting on 2012 and looking forward to 2013. A large section of this presentation covers how staff and students have used the iPads in 2012 within the SAMR model.

Parent Cyber Safety Presentation

On Wednesday the 21/11/2012, Brett Lee, founder of INESS, presented 2 parent presentations (1:45-2:45pm then repeated again at 6:30-8:00pm) examining CyberSafety and online rights and responsibilities.

Staff Cyber Safety Presentation

On Wednesday the 21/11/2012, Brett Lee, founder of INESS, presented to staff at Redland College examining CyberSafety and online rights and responsibilities.
Brett shared his thoughts on how teachers can help students develop the skills needed to protect themselves online. The underlining message of the presentations was that technology is a good thing but there are dangers we need to be aware of. 
Brett covered a number of topics including:

Middle School Cyber Safety presentation

On Monday the 19/11/2012 Susan McLean, from cybersafetysolutions, came and spoke to all students in years 6 to 9 looking at cybersafety and their online rights and responsibilities.

iPads in Schools Report by

iPads in Schools by

This report collates interviews with staff from 13 schools that are making significant use of iPads in learning, including Redlands College. It is intended for school leaders, IT managers and teachers, providing insight to the reasons for and virtues of 'tablets' in schools.

iPad: How do I do that? parent evening

On Tuesday, 30/10/12 Chris Blundell, Dale Lopez and Robert Richmond hosted an iPad ‘How do I do that?’ presentation. The presentation ran from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, in K20.

Bookings were not required and attendance was optional.

The purpose of the evening was to provide parents with an overview of the following: (hyperlinks link directly to further information on the Redlands College iPad Portal)

iPad Rapid Download Professional Learning Session: Term 4, 2012

We ran our third Rapid download session on Tuesday 9th of October looking at using the iPads, Multi-modal text and Edmodo, PE multi-model Podcasting, Formative feedback and a “hands off handlebars session” looking at teachers experiences and pre/post thought and beliefs with using iPads.

The afternoon ended with teachers working within their schools, reflecting on what was showcased, discussing their successes in relation to iPads in 2012 as well as looking at how they can be using the iPads in 2013. 

Junior School Cyber Safety Presentation

Presentation by Brett Lee from INESS

Senior School Online Rights and Responsibilities Presentation

Presentation by Brett Lee from INESS


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