Blog: May 2013

MYSA Conference: 16 Year 7 Integrated Learning students participated in a Virtual classroom

On Friday 25/5/2013, 16 Year 7 students from Mr Ayling's Integrated Learning class were invited to participate in a virtual classroom at this year's Middle Years Schooling Association (MYSA) Conference on the Gold Coast. Students had the exciting opportunity to share their learning and project work with teachers and principals from around the world.

Middle School Cyber Safety Presentation

On Friday the 3/5/2013 Brett Lee, founder of INESS, spoke to Middle School students discussing cybersafety and our online rights and responsibilities.

GOOD ONLINE CHOICES = GREAT ONLINE EXPERIENCES was the focus of Brett's message. The presentations were tailored, age appropriate 1hour sessions, simplifying what’s needed for children to protect themselves online.

Some of the themes Brett covered with our students include:

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