Parent Presentation: iPads@Home- iPad Tricks and tips

On Monday, 14/3/2016, Dale Lopez (ICT in Learning Coordinator),  hosted a parent ICT in Learning presentation.

The purpose of the presentation was to provide parents / carers with an overview of the following:

  1. iPads@home: Helpful hints, advice and suggestions for parents / carers
  2. Online Safety/eSafety: Getting the most out of your time online while staying safe.
  3. The Learning Gateway: Connecting teachers, students and parents of the College community together within a personalised learning environment.

The corresponding presentation (in PDF format), parent handout and corresponding documents are available by selecting the following links:

  1. ICT in Learning Parent Sessions Keynote 2016 
  2. ICT in Learning Parent Sessions handout 2016
  3. Parent iPad Guided Access
  4. Archiving iPad Documents