eSafety Presentation to Students, Parents and staff

On Tuesday the 28/02/2017 Brett Lee, founder of Internet Safe Education, ran student (Years 7 to 12), staff and parent presentations looking at cybersafety and online rights and responsibilities.
Internet Safe Educations mission is to equip children, teenagers and adults with the skills and knowledge to enable them to use the internet safely whilst making them aware of their rights and responsibilities in the cyber world. Parents who wish to find out more about ISE can access their website at Internet Safe Education.

GOOD ONLINE CHOICES = GREAT ONLINE EXPERIENCES was the focus of Brett's message. The presentations were tailored, age appropriate 50min sessions, simplifying what’s needed for children to protect themselves online.

Some of the themes Brett covered with our students include:

  • The internet is the most public place I will ever be, the cyber world will never be my own private world
  • Others may treat me harshly for poor online choices and judge me for who I portray myself to be online
  • Online decisions I make can effect my future as the internet is permanent
  • When I upload, post or send I lose control of what others can do with that information or how it is used
  • The physical world and cyber world aren’t separate, it’s the one world as we are dealing with the same people
  • I am bound by rules and laws as much online as in the real world
  • Expectations placed on me and others in the real world do not change just because I’m behind a screen
  • By trusting my instincts, and making choices based on what I believe to be right I will be rewarded by avoiding real world issues
Introducing Brett Lee:
Before creating INESS, Brett Lee worked as a police officer for 22 years, 16 of those as a Detective in the field of child exploitation. In the 5 years prior to retirement from the QPS, he was a specialist in the field of undercover Internet child exploitation investigations. The focus of the parent sessions examines awareness, empowerment and self-esteem imparting messages of safety and responsibilities.
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