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iPads in Schools Report by

iPads in Schools by

This report collates interviews with staff from 13 schools that are making significant use of iPads in learning, including Redlands College. It is intended for school leaders, IT managers and teachers, providing insight to the reasons for and virtues of 'tablets' in schools.

iPad: How do I do that? parent evening

On Tuesday, 30/10/12 Chris Blundell, Dale Lopez and Robert Richmond hosted an iPad ‘How do I do that?’ presentation. The presentation ran from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, in K20.

Bookings were not required and attendance was optional.

The purpose of the evening was to provide parents with an overview of the following: (hyperlinks link directly to further information on the Redlands College iPad Portal)

iPad Rapid Download Professional Learning Session: Term 4, 2012

We ran our third Rapid download session on Tuesday 9th of October looking at using the iPads, Multi-modal text and Edmodo, PE multi-model Podcasting, Formative feedback and a “hands off handlebars session” looking at teachers experiences and pre/post thought and beliefs with using iPads.

The afternoon ended with teachers working within their schools, reflecting on what was showcased, discussing their successes in relation to iPads in 2012 as well as looking at how they can be using the iPads in 2013. 

Junior School Cyber Safety Presentation

Presentation by Brett Lee from INESS

Senior School Online Rights and Responsibilities Presentation

Presentation by Brett Lee from INESS

iPad Rapid Download Professional Learning Session: Term 3, 2012

As part of helping teachers to effectively use iPads in the classroom and promote a culture of sharing between staff, our 2nd iPad Rapid Download Professional Learning Sessions took part during week 3 of term 3. The iPad Rapid Download Sessions are comprised of 4 short, sharp and to the point presentations (15 minutes in length) run simultaneously.  

AGQTP 2012 iPad Educational Tour

Four PAG members, (one from each of the schools and myself- the ICT in Learning Coordinator), travelled to Perth in May. The educational tour to Perth was fully funded by the Australian Governments Quality Teachers Program (AGQTP).

ICT Planning Advisory Group (ICT PAG)

The ICT Planning Advisory Group (ICT PAG), made up of volunteer teachers, the Academic Dean, Manager of IT Operations, and myself (the ICT in Learning Coordinator) , was established in 2011 to assist with the planning, implementation and review phases of the iPad programme.  PAG meetings are held fortnightly on a Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30pm.

How to set up and distribute an large number of iPads.

My name is Robert and I am the IT Manager at Redlands College. I would like to share with you the process we have gone through to deploy around 870 iPads at our College to staff and students. 

More Suitable Technology For Learning

Recently I presented at the ACS e:quip conference a case study about our journey so far with iPads in learning.  In it I outlined some of our criteria for selecting a more suitable technology for learning.  In response to queries, here is a copy of the relevant slide.



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