Acceptable Use


Guidelines for acceptable use of ICT by students is expressed in the Students' Digital Citizenship Understanding. College rules, policies and procedures bind iPad use in all things that relate to school.


The following policy outlines for parents, important issues relating to the acceptable use and provision of technologies at Redlands College.

Appropriate Use of Technology By Students

  • The Students’ Digital Citizenship Understanding and College rules, policies and procedures bind student use of technologies in all things that relate to school.  
  • Staff of the College may need to access and handle student iPads to assist them, and support appropriate use and behaviour.
  • Significant problems in relation to iPad use may lead to a student’s iPad being confiscated by the Head of School or their delegate, typically Responsible Thinking Classroom staff.
  • Students may be instructed to delete apps or content from their iPad that is inappropriate for school.

AppleID and Apps

  • In accordance with Apple’s terms and conditions, parents are asked to manage the Apple ID for children under 13 years of age.
  • Parents of children older than 13 years of age can decide whether their child can manage their Apple ID account.
  • Families are asked to provide a small collection of core apps – see the iPad Portal for more information

Appropriate Use of College Technology Facilities By Families

  • The primary modes of written communication by the College are email and SMS.
  • ICT facilities provided by the College are intended to support learning and facilitate communication.  All facilities are to be used in a moral, ethical and legal manner.
  • The confidentiality of all content and communication accessed via College facilities is to be respected.
  • The College reserves the right to access user data as part of investigations authorised by the Headmaster or his delegate.
  • The College will endeavour to provide an appropriate level of security and resilience of data accessed and stored on our network, but no guarantees are provided.


  • The primary purpose of the iPad is to support educational processes.
  • Maintenance and management of family-supplied iPads remain the responsibilities of families.
  • Students will need an iPad that is capable of running the latest version of iOS (operating system for iPads) and school-required apps. (Typically this means replacing iPads after two years of use.)
  • Each child is responsible for the physical security of his/her iPad.
  • Parents should immediately notify the College if their child’s iPad is damaged or lost at school.

Support For This Policy Provided By The College

In support of appropriate student use of information and communication technologies (ICT), the College will:

  • Assist students to understanding and demonstrate appropriate behaviour and positive digital citizenship.
  • Provide:
    • in-class storage (Junior School) or lockers (Middle and Senior School) for iPads when not in use.
    • an email account to support communication
    • controlled or filtered internet connection
    • storage for files on the school network
    • a log of internet access.
  • Files saved on the school network are part of our back-up regime.

In the case of inappropriate or unacceptable use:

  • The College will respond in accord with our rules, policies and procedures.
  • The accounts of users may be suspended.
  • Appropriate law enforcement agencies and Government authorities may be notified.
  • IT Support staff will address problems encountered in one working day, if possible.  In the case of a major intrusion or misappropriation of our facilities, services may be suspended to protect privacy, and re-establish security.  Implications of such action for College educative and business processes will be addressed as required by the Executive team with support from the IT Manager.



Staff use of ICT is bound by the Staff Acceptable Use Agreement.