Add iTunes credit

Attaching a credit card to an iTunes account is one way of purchasing Apps. Parents may not feel comforatable attaching their credit card to their students account. The College does not recommend leaving your credit card attached to the students account.

In order to provide iTunes credit for your students to access via their account, you are able to send a voucher to them via email.  To do this:

1. Open iTunes, select iTunes Store from the left hand side and then sign in at the top right using the parents account.


2.  After you have signed in using the parents account, select Buy iTunes Gift Cards from the right of the screen.

3.  Select the amount of the gift certificate you want to provide and enter the email address of the recipient.

4. Confirm the gift amount and the email address it is being sent to, then click "Buy Gift"

5. The voucher will then be emailed to the student for them to redeem under their account.