Add your timetable into the calendar

Add events

1.    Open up the Calendar App

2.    Tap on the day/time you wish to add an event.

3.    Tap on the Plus Button, + (top Right) or hold your finger on the day and time until a box appears.

4.    Fill in the Title, Location date, starting time, end time, and description of your event, by using your finger to scroll through the options.
·      If you'd like to be reminded of your event, set your desired notification setting via Alert.
·      If you wish to invite others to the event, select Invites, then enter in their email address.
·      If you're using multiple calendars, you can also select which calendar this event should be on from the Calendar drop-down menu.

5.    Select Repeat

6.    If for example, you want the event to repeat every week at the same time, select Every week, then Done (top right).

7.    Enter in the End Repeat date. E.g. 10th of December


8.    Once all the details have been filled in select  Done (top right). You will now find (in the above example) the event is repeated each Monday until the 10 of December.

9.    You can then edit the event by taping on the event (1) within the calendar and then selecting Edit (2).