Adding Homework to Reminders

1.      Open up the Reminder App.

Set-up Reminders

2.      Tap on the Add List (Bottom Left)

3.      Add each of your subjects, e.g. Maths, English etc.

4.      To edit the order of your lists, tap Edit, then hold the button with three lines and then move up or down the list.

5.      Tap Done, (top right) once all your subjects are added.

Note: By tapping on the edit button (top Right and Bottom Left) you are able to rename, rearrange or add further lists to Reminders.

To add a reminder

7.      Tap on the subject from the list, you wish to add your reminder/homework.

8.      Tap the 1st empty row and type in your reminder/homework

9.      Tap Return on your keyboard and your reminder/homework is saved.

10.   Repeat the above steps to add further reminders/homework

Adding alerts, priority and notes.

Tap on the 'i'- information button (right of reminder/homework) entered reminder to tweak its settings; set the day and time to be reminded, if it repeats, it's priority, which list the reminder belongs to as well as adding extra notes.

1       Taping on the 'i'- information button you will be shown a settings screen for that particular reminder. Selecting any of the options listed below will take you to another screen, allowing you to customize that selection.

These include:

Set the date and time for a reminder

Set the due date and time that you will receive a reminder, by turning on “Remind me on a day” With this feature, reminders will show up on the lock screen, as well as being available from the pull-down notification menu.

Recurring Tasks

 Select "Repeat" from the menu on the left.  You can schedule your task to repeat daily, weekly, every two weeks, monthly, or yearly.

Set the reminder's priority

Set the reminder priority to none, low, medium, or high.

Change the list the reminder is associated with

Taping List will give you the option to change the list the present Reminder/homework is associated with.

Enter any notes applicable to the reminder

In the Notes field fill in any other relevant info e.g. bring textbook tomorrow etc.

Delete the reminder

Tap edit (top right)  to delete the reminder any notes associated with it.

Once you have set up the reminder/homework to your liking, press Done. You will then be taken back to view your lists.

Completed Reminders/homework

1. Once you have completed an item, tap the blank circle to the left of your reminder moving the item to the Completed list.

2. You now have a record all of reminders/homework you have completed via the Completed list.

3. Tap on Show completed to view completed reminders/homework.

Reminders Workflow

In class

1.      Tap on the Reminders app.

2.      Students select current subject from list, egg Maths

3.      Students adds reminder/homework to list

4.      Students tap on the reminders they have entered and add further details e.g. set the day and time to be reminded, if it repeats, it's priority, which list the reminder belongs to as well as adding extra notes.

5.      Tap Done to complete.

Note: students can tap on the Show Completed button to show completed reminders/homework from previous lessons.

At Home

1.      Tap on Reminder app.

2.      Go to the subject list and select subject area.

3.      Complete each relevant task shown on the list.

4.      Once completed, tap the blank box to the left of the reminder/homework and a check mark will appear, moving the item to the Completed list.

5.      Check other subject areas to ensure all homework has been completed.

6.      Tap on the Show Completed Button to view all completed reminders/homework.