Book Week: Google Sites Website Creation


Featured staff member: Jane Peachey 

Subject area: Book Week 

Focus: Google Sites Website Creation

Book Week at the College is a time for students to celebrate their favourite books, authors and illustrators. The week is packed full of fun activities and games and the Library team and all staff involved do an amazing job!  

The success and smooth running of this years event was assisted by the new Book Week website.  

Jane Peachey built the Book Week website from scratch using Google Sites Website Creation. Using this site, she was able to create the look and layout she wanted, as well as ensure all the information students, families and staff needed to know about the event was easily accessible.

Information regarding the Character Parade, family night, competitions and author visit were included, as well as student displays, order forms for books and the amazing sites and videos of all year levels from Prep to Year 6. 

iPads were also used to display students work and make accessible for parents, visitors and those in other year levels. 

The Book Week website also provided a way for parents who can't normally be part of this type of event to still be involved. Parents unable to make Book Week have access to photos of their children, can see their work, watch the videos or play on the added sites and still be part of the event by using the website to interact with their child in a meaningful way.

Check out Jane’s Book Week website at: and pop in to the library and see the great displays created by our students.

Well done Jane! You enhanced this years Book Week with your innovative use of technology through your website creation.