Cases we recommend

Protecting your students iPad is something we all need to be concerned about. The vast majority of iPad cases are simply not designed for K -12. They are designed for adults. A case which "look nice" may be attractive to the user but the real reason for providing an iPad case should be to protect your investment.

We have looked at a large range of iPad covers. The cover you choose needs to be able to absorb the shock transmitted to the iPad when it is dropped. Failure to do this will result in the diplay being damaged. Fortunatley if this does occur, you are able to have them repaired. To assist in the prevention of this we recommend using one of the following cases:


Whilst we cannot guarantee the protection of the iPad, these cases will assist.

Suggested Junior School iPad cases for 2014 presentation

On Monday the 18th of November 2014, the College ran an information session for parents of students in the Junior School covering suggested iPad cases. Much of the information presented in this video is still relivent today.
Following is an edited and shortened video recoding of the presentation given.

Suggested Junior School iPad cases for 2014 from Redlands College on Vimeo.

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