Core And Specialist Technologies

At Redlands College we consider information communication technologies (ICT) to be important tools to support and facilitate learning.  Some technologies need to be available in every subject; others need to be available for specific subjects. Consequently, ICT is deployed in two forms: core ICT and specialist ICT.

iPad=personal ICT desktops and laptops=specialist ICT
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Core ICT are personal technologies immediately available and easy for students to use to support their learning.  These technologies allow for a diverse range of learning opportunities and provide our teachers with a common and consistent ICT foundation.  All students in Years 2-12 have an iPad as their core ICT for learning.

Specialist ICT represents technologies that are needed in specific subjects for specific purposes, e.g., Art, Business Studies, Film Television and New Media, Graphics, Information Technology Studies, Media Studies and Music.  The College provides these facilities in accord with and matched to the requirements of the particular subject.  Students may still use their iPads to supplement these technologies.