Digital Citizenship and Competencies for Teachers

It is important that children are aware and learn the responsibilities of what is means to be a Digital Citizen.  Children need to be aware of how to use technology appropriately to ensure a safe online environment. They also need the knowledge to be able to make wise decisions when it comes to their online safety therefore keeping their personal and digital identities safe.
The first of the five interrelated elements: Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT within the Australian Curriculum: General capabilities, covers these areas of  preparing students to not only learn the skills to work effectively and safely but also to have a deep understanding of the ethical implications so that they will become responsible digital citizens.
Contained within the following three links are example lessons and resources covering Digital Citizenship and Competencies across the three schools:

Junior School: eSafety Scope and Sequence

Middle School: eSafety Scope and Sequence

Senior School: eSafety Scope and Sequence

 Digital Literacy and Citizenship is a collection of the best books, apps and iTunes U courses to support learners to be safe online.  With content from Common Sense Media, the Australian Communications and Media Authority and Life Education Australia, this is a great resource for Australian teachers.