Fusion Art Festival: QR codes


Featured staff member: Andrew Peachey and Jenny Burgess

Subject area: Fusion Art Festival

Focus: QR codes

Thank you to all those involved with the Fusion Arts Festival last weekend. What an amazing display of our Dance, Drama, Film & TV, Home Economics, Music and the Visual Arts programs at Redlands College. Well done to all those involved. 

As part of the Visual Arts display and gallery, Andrew and Jenny made use of QR codes. 

Through the use of these QR codes (Quick Response Codes), students' works of art were linked to further information and details about the art pieces through video, text and/or audio. 

Viewers of the art piece can use their mobile devices (iPads, smart phones etc) to scan the QR code that will then show further details (video, text, and/or play audio) on their devices. 

Well done Andrew and Jenny for innovative use of technology to showcase further the amazing work of our students.