How to Sync you iPad to iTunes via WiFi

With iOS 5 it is now possible to back-up your iPad over Wi-Fi, meaning that you are no longer required to plug your iPad into your computer to make it back up. It is a requirement that this is set up on your iPad so it backs itself up of an evening.


1.     With your iPad plugged into your computer, within iTunes select your iPad and on the Summary tab, then select “Back-up to this Computer” followed by ‘Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi’
2.     Sync (Bottom right)your iPad then disconnect.
3.     Shut down iTunes.
4.     Open iTunes again and wait a few minutes, do not reconnect your iPad.
5.     You should see your iPad appear under Devices (left side), if so your iPad is connected to iTunes over WiFi.
6.     Right click on your iPad, which will bring up the below sub menu.
7.     Select from one of the options:
a.     Sync- transfers changed content on the iPad into your iTunes library. 
b.     Transfer Purchases - moves purchased apps, songs, videos etc. from your iPad to a folder on your computer.
c.     Back Up- creates a copy of everthing on your device and stores it in a folder on your computer.
Note: In order for this to work, you need to be aware that the computer needs to be switched on and conected to your WiFi network, logged in and iTunes must be running.