iPad Management



Advice and suggestions for parents / carers.

Internet Filtering And Access Management at Home

Internet filters and Content filtering browser apps provide a way to secure an internet connection and prevent access to restricted web sites. We strongly encourage all families to make use of web filtering at home. 

Things to check

The internet is an important information, communication and collaboration tool for students. We aim to gradually introduce students to the internet so they can develop the relevant skills and responsibilities. As parents it is important to regularly check this access.

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Set up Restrictions if required

Setting up restrictions on an iPad may be required for those in the Junior school. Parents need to be careful setting these as they can affect the use of the iPad at the College.

Manage space on your iPad

Managing space on an iPad is different to other products. With the iPad, the Cloud should be used to store your documents with.....

iCloud and Backup

iCloud is used to backup your iPad with. Documents which are synced with iCloud are available via other devices such as your home computer.


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