Why is it bad for you and your iPad


What is jail breaking?

Normally, an iPad or other iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod can only download apps that have been approved by Apple and are available in the App Store. 

Jailbreaking involves consciously removing these limitations of the operating system on an iPad. This makes the iPad less secure.

 Jailbreaking also means that you will be unable to rely on the iPad's security features to protect you from inappropriate content - apps, music and video (that were rejected by Apple for various reasons.)


Goodbye Stability and Security

In particular circumstances, you will be unable to use your iPad at school if it is jailbroken. This may impact on learning and assessment.  

Crashes- Little extensions and add-ons can cause applications to crash, or cause things to work unexpectedly- and you're left to figure out what's causing the problem yourself.  

Security-  Jailbreaking your iPad isn’t safe from a security standpoint. (Essentially, a jailbroken device has all the file protections of a Windows 3.1 system. It's a single-user device, and every app can get to everything.) 

Other users can connect to your iPad allowing malicious behaviour to take place unbeknownst to you. emphasise the lack of security and the ease with which people can delete content from their iPad

No approval-There is no approval process for Jailbroken apps, so you risk getting malware, worms, viruses, data exfiltration etc. (that can read your data, do things on your behalf etc.).

It also lowers battery life and slows down the iPad.


It’s Technical

There are some inherent risks to jailbreaking.

 Voids warranty-Not only does it void the warranty, which means you can't go down to your local Apple Store and ask the people at the Genius Bar to help you out with problems. 

IT Support are also unable to help or fix any issues that could arise. (You will need to restore back to factory settings)

Brick your device- Worse case- It is possible to 'brick' (locks out) your device during the process. This results in a useless device, as you are unable to restore the device back (left with a blank screen). 


You will be restoring often

Crashes -a jailbroken iPads crash regularly and do random things (earpiece volume being very soft, apps do not talk nicley to other apps etc.)

High chance of loosing your data (documents- keynotes etc.) and  having to run complete restores (taking up to 4 hours) each time (your iPad is unusable during this time). 

Updates become a hassle- You cannot update a jailbroken iPad without erasing the jailbreak. This means you will need to re-jailbreak the device after updating the operating system. This includes downloading all of those custom apps again.

In particular circumstances, you will be unable to use your iPad at school if it is jailbroken. This may impact on learning and assessment.  


A perfectly good example of why jailbreaking is a security risk

Active malware campaign steals Apple passwords from jailbroken iPhones: