Manage assessment and timeframes

Adding A Due Date

1.    Open up the Calendar App.

2.    Tap on the Plus button, + (top right) or hold your finger on the day and time, until the sub-menu appears.

3.    Fill in the Title of assignment and Location (if needed).

4.    Tap Starts/Ends and use the bottom scroll wheel to select date and time.

5.    If you're using multiple calendars, you can also select which calendar this event should be on from the Calendar drop-down menu.

6.    If you'd like to be reminded of your event, set your desired notification setting via Alert.


Note: To edit an entry, tap the appointment and then the edit button.

Scheduling Time To Work On Assignments

The Calendar app can also be used to schedule when you plan to work on assessment.  This is an effective way to allocate time to complete specific tasks.  It is also an easy and quick way see what you planned to do when.

1.    Enter the due date as per the instructions previously.


2.    Decide how many days you will need to devote to working on the assignment, i.e. you might decide that you will need four daysto work on the assignment.

3.Tap on the date that you plan to start working on the assignment.

4.    Enter the title of the task, e.g. work on Earth Science report.

5.Select a Start and End Date. Set the All-day option to on.

6.    Repeat the steps 6-9 above.  Tap Done.

Note: You can even reschedule by holding your finger on the allocated item and then sliding it to another date on the calendar.  You can also make changes by tapping on the edit button.

Use the different views – day, week or month – to view your planner.

Day View
Week View
Month View