Manage storage space on your iPad

In todays world we can utilise a lot of media rich technology. It is simple enough then to notice the storage space on your iPad can decrease rapidly. The iPad comes in four sizes. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 124GB. Using an iPad at the College can be done with the 16GB model, but this does require working with the technology a little differently to what you may be used to.

Local Storage VS Cloud Storage

Local storage is the amount of space you have on your College iPad. This can be seen when you plug your iPad into your computer and run iTunes. Under the "Summary" within iTunes, you will see a chart shown like that above. This shows you how you are currently utilising space on your iPad. 

If you'd like to find out which apps are using all this space, it is possible to do this from the iPad itself. Just select Settings -> General -> Usage. Here you will see which Apps are using all your space. The example below shows that there is 2.8GB of Video on this iPad under the App called Vimeo and another 2.4GB of Music. We can also see that this iPad has a game on it, FIFA, which is using 1.7GB.

Deleting apps to create more storage space:

The interesting thing you can also find from this is that the Vimeo App has 2.7GB of data. As I no longer use this App, it could be deleted to give me back more space on my iPad.  

Pick the information you no longer require carefully. Work which is not used for school should be deleted first. You can always addd it again at a later time.


Cloud Storage is where you should try to store all work. Why? Becasue it is retrieveable. This means that you can store your data on the internet, and access it whenever you require it. As a direct result of this, USB sticks are becoming obsolete. Check out Archiving iPad documents for more details.


Archiving is the removal (as opposed to backing up) of no longer needed documents off the iPad to be stored elsewhere, keeping your iPad free from clutter and freeing up some much needed space.

Archiving Files and Documents

Please note the difference between backing up (via iCloud) and archiving; backups are designed for the rapid recovery of operational data, while archiving stores data that’s no longer needed in day-to-day use but is to be retained.

For example an iCloud back-up will only back up what is on your iPad, so if you delete a document from your iPad it will also be deleted from the back-up. An archived version of a document is a copy of the document stored at another location, so if the document is deleted from your iPad, the document can still be accessed from the other location. 

Archiving iPad Documents (PDF Document) details four methods that we have found easy and effective for archiving iPad documents or files.

This information can also be found on the iPad portal: Archiving iPad Documents