Marking Digitally

This iPad workflow is a little different to others. It is designed to assist the staff member with a procedure for marking digitally. Firstly, the student emails the staff member their Pages document. The staff member then accesses the document from the Mail app and opens the document in PDF printer. The staff member then converts the file to a PDF document, which is then opened in PDF Expert, where it is marked, and emailed back to the student.

Important: The same procedure can be followed when interacting with other staff members or external companies.


Some items in this video may have already been achieved by staff, so the following timeline is offered to allow you to skip ahead when required:


Marking Digitially Part 1

0:10 Introduction
1:55 Step 1 - Sending the document to the staff member
3:12 Step 2 - Opening the document in PDF printer
4:11 Step 3 - Convert the document to a PDF

Marking Digitally Part 2

0:00 Step 4 (Optional) - Organise your files
1:49 Step 5 (Optional) - Rename your files
2:29 Step 6 Copy your marking sheet

Marking Digitally Part 3

0:00 Step 7 -  Add your marking sheet to your student files
0:53 Step 8 - Mark the assignment
7:08 Step 9 - Send the marked assignment back to the student via email


Digital Marking Workflow