Middle and Senior College Debating Team


Featured staff member: Craig Zaki

Subject area: English

Focus: Middle and Senior College Debating Team

Craig Zaki coordinates the Middle and Senior School Debating Teams. These teams are made up of highly dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer students and teachers.

To assist with the training of new students to debating, Craig created a series of video tutorials and uploaded them to YouTube (unsearchable to the public). These video tutorials allow students to access and study these video's in their own time. Craig has also created a number of Google Docs in which he discusses and demonstrates correct debating techniques.  

Craig's flipped teaching approach to educating the debating team via a number of YouTube videos and shared Google Docs, ensures all members of the debating team have time to learn and understand the key principles to a successfully debate. Craig is now also able to reuse these resources for future teams. 

Check out two of Craig’s videos here: