Notes / Pages

Selecting text:

1. Press and hold over the text. After around 2 seconds a magnifying glass appears and the word it intends to select is highlighted in blue.
2. Move the magnifier around until it highlights the word you want, then let go.
3. Tap the corresponding task from the button that appears above the selected text.

Selecting longer text:

1. Drag the blue bars at the beginning and end of the selected word or text. A magnifying bar will appear to make it easier to find the exact beginning or end of the selection.
2. Tap the corresponding task from the button that appears above the selected text.

Copy and paste

You can copy and paste text by tapping or holding down, and choosing Select. Then choose Copy. Open a different app, and tap and hold down again, then select Paste from the menu that appears. To select an entire paragraph of text you need to tap four times.

Deleting lots of text from your iPad

Shake your iPhone or iPad and it will undo you’re typing.

Share from Pages

Tap the spanner icon within your Pages document, select Share & print and choose whether to email, send to iTunes or save to WebDAV. You can share the document as a Word, PDF or Pages document if you like. This is also the same for Keynote and numbers.

Turn iPad caps lock on

To type capital letters with the onscreen keyboard first tap the left or right shift key, then the letter. To turn caps lock on, double tap on either shift key, they will then turn blue.

Replace a word

When you hold down on a word to copy it, choose more, then you will see a new option: Replace. Tap this and, you can see suggestions for alternative words that have similar spellings. It's a good way of quickly correcting typos.

Hidden keys on the keyboard

Don't want to access the numbers and symbols keyboard, try this ...
  • To type an apostrophe just tap and hold on the ! key and a hidden apostrophe option will appear - then just slide your finger up to access it. 
  • Tap and hold over the ? key and a quotation symbol appears, which you can select by moving your finger upwards.
  • Double-tap the space bar at the end of a sentence to add a full stop .
  • Holding your finger on other letters will also show other hidden symbols, etc.