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Technology Addiction - YellowAid Productions

Created by Year 7 Students (2013): Jack Easton, George Edwards, Jordan Nahrung, Andrew Petersen (Director).

Our Video Is About A Boy Named Jack. He is a victim of Technology Addiction. Follow him on his journey to make friends and get over his archenemy - Technology Addiction. Please note that this video is designed to help victims of Technology Addiction.


 General Online Safety Resources



Digital Citizenship iPad apps for students to use

 Year level specific sites

Prep- years 2
Years 3- Years 5
Years 6- Years 7
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Years 10 -Years 12

 To report abuse or receive help/advice on online Safety.

  • If someone is in immediate danger, call 000.

Further details can be accessed at: 


  • A range of home internet filters are available. The College is not is a position to recommend specific products. We advise parents to investigate options relevant to their family circumstance. We encourage all families to make use of web filtering at home due to the potential access to explicit and extreme materials that are available online.

 Apple iPad Restrictions

  • Apple iPad restrictions
    • Parental controls are available on the iPad.Parental controls (Restrictions) are available on the iPad, if needed. These restrictions will only work on downloaded iTunes music, games and apps. Restrctions will not restrict or block inappropriate websites when using Safari or any other web browser app. 
    • Please be careful with this feature.
      • Parental controls can block iPad features that will be needed at school.  Please consult the College for clarification.
      • If you forget the password, the device will need to be wiped and reset to factory settings.
    • Detailed instructions can be found at: iPad Parental Controls 


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