In its first year, the iPad programme provided a range of opportunities that either enhanced or transformed teaching and learning in specific ways at Redlands College.   Listed below are some highlights.

Students working in Science


The iPad allowed practices or processes that substituted for other non-digital mechanisms, including:

  • textbooks and class handouts available on iPad
  • note-taking and data collection
  • completion and submission of workbooks in PDF format
  • feedback on drafts emailed between teachers and students
  • storage/display of stimulus in Art.


The iPad augmented teaching and learning through:

  • internet research and communication
  • exploring mathematical concepts using spread sheets
  • videos / animations that complement teaching
  • study / note-taking templates
  • persistent, instantaneous feedback on drafts /notes
  • extension / consolidation of maths concepts
  • eBooks apps that include embedded dictionaries, internet searching and note taking features
  • ‘text’ specific apps for English.

Modification & Redefinition

The iPad allowed significant modification and redefinition of teaching, learning and assessment via:

  • collaborative, online brainstorming
  • video analysis in performance based subjects
  • video logs of personal reflections on learning
  • podcasting
  • multimodal assessment tasks.
“I have used it (my iPad) for everything, it has been my learning tool.”
Jacob Zaki

Year 11 Student, 2011

“It is a great learning tool. It encourages parent-child interactions on school subject matter. I suspect as teachers become more experienced with using it as a teaching-learning tool that it will be used with even greater depth and in more contexts.”
Parent of Year 11 Student


“What I like about the iPad is that it is user friendly and therefore does not require much teacher assistance. In a Prep class this is extremely valuable as a whole group of learners are able to get started while the teacher is free to assist with other activities. At a Prep level, the iPads are an excellent tool to get even the most reluctant learner to engage and participate and even share what they have done. The iPad has definitely changed the way I teach and the way I look at enforcing certain concepts and ideas.”
Mrs Lynda Strydom

Prep Teacher

In 2012, we expect to identify and develop additional ways that the availability of iPads can enhance or transform the learning environment by allowing students to:

  • access and use content
  • communicate
  • think critically and problem-solve
  • think creatively
  • collaborate
  • manage learning and time.
“No longer is information controlled by the teacher.  Students have all the information they need, literally at their finger tips.”
Mr Allan Todd

Founding Headmaster