Posting a Video or Photo Online

It is important that children are aware and learn the responsibilities of what is means to be a Digital Citizen.  Having a basic understanding of copyright is an important part of digital citizenship. Copyright is the protection provided to the creators of "original works of authorship." Copyright gives the creator exclusive rights to sell or license their works and reward his or her efforts. It is important for anyone who creates and/or uses copyrightable materials, including children,  to understand what copyright law permits, what it restricts, and why.

Children need to be aware of how to use technology appropriately to ensure a safe online environment. They also need the knowledge to be able to make wise decisions when it comes to their online safety therefore keeping their personal and digital identities safe.


Junior School

Middle & Senior School

Posters based on Digital Citizenship Poster for Middle and High School Classrooms that can be found at:


Video disclaimer and privacy notice

All student created videos made public must contain the following Video Disclaimer and Privacy Notice at the begining or after the closing credits.