Set up my iPad


The items on this page cover how to set up your iPad for the first time.

Info: What is an Apple ID?

These instructions explain what an Apple ID is and provide an overview of how it should be set up for use at the College. 

Info: Using Multiple iPads in the home

Are you using more than one iPad at home? Are you using the same iTunes accouint with each device? Do you sync your iPads on the same computer? This area is for you!

Step 1. Set up your iPad and Apple ID

These instructions cover how to set up an iPad as well as create your Apple ID without the need for a credit card.

Step 2. Add your Apple ID to your iPad

Now that you have your Apple ID you can add it to the iPad. The instructions show you how.

Step 3. Set up iCloud on your iPad

Using iCloud is an important part of the backup routine for a student. The instructions to set up iCloud can be found here.

Step 4. Add iTunes credit

If you want to provide credit for your students without them using a credit card, an iTunes Gift Certificate will allow this.


Step 5. Wireless Configuration for the College

To use your iPad at the College, you will need to have configured your wireless settings. Each student receives a username and password that is required in this process.

Step 6. Configure Network Access

From your iPad, you can access any network drive at the College. These instructions go through the setup process


Step 7. Email Configuration

These instructions are broken up into two parts. Automatic and Manual configuation. If you are having problems using the automatic configuration, please ensure you have the College proxy set up correctly.

iCloud and Backup

iCloud is used to backup your iPad with. Documents which are synced with iCloud are available via other devices such as your home computer.




Info: Calendar Configuration

As well as your personal calendar, you can access the Redlands College yearly calendar, which contains all the important College events and dates. Follow these instructions to view Redlands College calendars..

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