Set up Restrictions if required

Restriction limit the way the iPad can be used. For example you are able to turn off the default browser, hide  iTunes, and the installation and deletion of Apps. The restrictions are protected through the use of a passcode. This passcode must not be forgotten as it is the only way to access these settings after it has been set.  This passcode should not be shared with your child. If you do choose to set-up restrictions on an iPad, ensure you have backed-up beforehand.

To find out more  about Restrictions on the iPad:

The following is a guide as to some of the recommended settings. Be aware that adjusting some of these settings may affect the way the iPad works and may need to be turned off for students to access educational resources and/or activities. 

1. Select Settings  -> General -> Restrictions

2. Select Enable Restrictions and enter a passcode twice. DO NOT FORGET this passcode as you will need it if you want to adjust any of the settings. If you do forget it, you will need to reset the iPad back to factory settings.

3.  You are then given the option to allow. Some of the key options include:


  • Safari: Please keep on as Safari is used at the College to access the Learning Gateway and other educational learning resources and activities.
  • Camera: It is recommended that this is left on. Switching off will prevent the students from taking photos and videos used in class.
  • iTunes: This is optional. This limits the download of anything from iTunes, including iTunes U. iTunes U (also called iTunes University) may be used in class.
  • FaceTime: This is optional. By turning off, you will be unable to use or access FaceTime on the iPad.
  • Installing Apps: This is optional. Be aware that if you stop the installation of Apps, students will not be able to modify their iPad until they take it home to be adjusted.
  • Deleting Apps: This is optional.
  • In-App Purchases: Some games allow the user to purchase items from within it. It is recommended that this is switched off.

Allowed content

  • Ratings For: Should be set to Australia
  • Music & Podcasts: Should be switched to Clean
  • Movies: Adjust this as appropriate
  • TV Shows: Adjust this as appropriate
  • Apps: Adjust this as appropriate. Be aware that adjusting the rating below 12+ will prevent the student from accessing digital Library books etc.
  • Websites: Here you can choose to limit adult content and/or block specific websites. Please note this filtering tool is still in development, so by turning on this feature, some appropriate educational sites may be blocked, and therefore may limit your child/s  access to resources, activities or work at the College. Students need access to educational sites e.g.
  • Require Password: This setting controls how soon after entering your App Store or iTunes password you will be prompted to enter it again if purchasing an app or other iTunes content. There are two options – Immediately or 15 minutes. This is very useful if you have an iPad managed by a parent/guardian – as children figure out very quickly the password still works right after installing an app (if you don’t have this setting set to Immediately).


  • Location: In most cases, this should be left on. Switching Location services off disable specific Apps such as iMove.

Allow Changes

  • Accounts: This is optional. Be aware that if this is locked, the iCloud link in the main menu will become disabled. For this reason we recommend that you ensure you have iCloud set up BEFORE you adjust this. By not allowing changes, iCloud remains active, and cannot be modified by the student.

Game  Centre

  • Multiplayer Games: Optional
  • Adding Friends: Optional


To find out more  about Restrictions on the iPad: