Share your Redlands calendar with family members.

Setting your Redlands Calendar as default on your iPad.

By setting your iPad calendars default to your Redlands College account, your calendar is automatically synced to your Google Calendar on any PC or Mac.

1.    Open up Settings.

2.    Tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

3.    On the right hand side of screen, scroll down to Calendars.

4.    Tap on Default Calendar.

5.    Select your Redlands Calendar beginning with B0….

6.    Once a tick appears next to your Redlands calendar tap the Mail, Contacts button, (top left) to return back.

Accessing Google Calendar on a PC or Mac

1.    Sign into Gmail via:

‣   Use your current Redlands College user name and password

2.    You will then be presented with the Gmail email page, click on Calendar (above the Redlands College Logo)

3.    You will then be presented with the main Google Calendar Page.

Share your Redlands Calendar with others.

You are able to share your iPad/ Redlands Google Calendar with family members who also have a Google account from a PC/Mac.

From your PC or Mac only:

1.    Click on the Down arrow next to the Calendar you wish to share

2.    Click on Share this Calendar from the new dropdown menu

3.     Select Only Share with Individuals from the choice of calendar public or only share with individuals.

For Individual access:

  1.   Enter the email address of the family member with whom you want to share your calendar.

Note: Once you click Add Person, the person you selected to share the calendar with will receive an email invitation to view your calendar.

2.    From the drop-down menu, select the desired level of permission, then click Add Person.

·      See only free/busy (hide details): Calendar details are not show, only when you are free or busy

·      See all event details: All Calendar details are show, but can only be changed by the owner of the calendar

·      Make changes to events: All calendar details are shown and are able to be changed by anyone

·      Make changes AND manage sharing: All calendar details are shown and are able to be changed and shared by anyone

  1. Tap Save to return to your calendar.