Upgrade to iOS 8

In order to upgrade your device to iOS 8, you need to ensure your device is one of the following.

Once you have checked that your device is one of the above, you are right to upgrade the operating system.

There are now two methods to upgrade your iOS device. The first method utilises your computer.

** It is important that you have backed up your iPad BEFORE you upgrade. If you have any issues with the upgrade process, the backup will allow you to restore your settings without issue.

Upgrade using your computer only

Plug your iPad into your computer with iTunes running. As long as you are runnning iOS 7 and have an iPad 2 or greater, the following will appear.


Select Update.

Select Update. The update process will then begin.


After the update has completed, your computer will ask you for permission to access the iPad. You will then need to peform the folowing steps on the iPad.


From the iPad,swipe to continue.


Select "Trust" to Trust the PC you are connected to.


Select Continue


Select your Wifi Network

If prompted, add a passcode:


Select you Location services preference:


Select you App Analysis preference:


Select, Get started. Your upgrade is now complete.


Upgrade using your iPad only

* Note: Apple have said you need at least 4.7GB of free storage space in order to update to iOS 8 on an iPhone and at least 6.9GB of free storage space on an iPad.

To upgrade using this method, select General -> Software Update


Download and Install


Read and accept the terms and conditions



iOS 8 will download and install.



When the update has installed you need to swipe at the bottom of the screen.


Select continue.

Select if you would like to utilise location services. Location services is a requirement for programs such as iMovie.

To set up iClould, enter your Apple ID password.

IiCloud will then complete it's setup.


Enter a passcode to use with iCloud. This will stop anyone from deactivating find my iPad.


Setup is complete. Tap "Get Started"


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