Upload/Download iWorks documents to and from a PC or Mac

iCloud automatically stores and updates your Pages, Keynote & Numbers (iWorks) documents across all your iOS (iPad) devices and your PC/Mac by using www.icloud.com

How to set-up iWorks Syncing on your iPad

1.    Tap Settings, then iCloud,

2.    Make sure Documents and data is turned on

3.    Tap on Stage and Back-up

4.    Make sure iCloud Backup is turned Off

5.    Tap Manage storage

6.    You will now see the Documents and data from Keynote, Pages and Numbers that will sync to www.icloud.com/iwork.

Now any documents you create within Pages, Numbers or Keynote on your iPad are automatically synced to icloud.com

Access my iPad documents on my PC/Mac

1.    Go to www.icloud.com login with your Apple ID (i.e. iTunes and App Store username) and password, then select iWork.

2.    Select the file type from the top menu bar

To download a document to your PC/Mac

1.    Click on the document you wish to download which will show a Download button.

2.    Select which file format you wish to use from iWork, Microsoft Office, or PDF format.

File format choices: 
·      Keynote 09, Pages 09 or Numbers 09 will only open if you are using a Mac with iWork installed
·      Word, Excel and PowerPoint will only open if you have a PC/Mac that has Microsoft Office installed
·      PDF format will open on a PC/Mac, but is a locked file format, meaning that you are unable to change/modify the document.

To upload a document from your PC/Mac

You can upload your iWork ’09 or Microsoft Office documents from your PC/Mac by selecting the cog (top right) and selecting upload document from the dropdown menu.

The documents will automatically appear on your iPad devices you've set up with iCloud.   

Note: You cannot download a document from icloud.com to to your PC/Mac until the document has been previously opened on an iOS device.