Year 10 Legal Studies


Featured staff member: Sarah Handreck

Subject area: Year Ten Legal Studies

Focus: Criminology- Extended Response: Non Written Presentation 

In Term Two, students in Year 10 Legal Studies, were given the task of creating a multimodal presentation to evaluate the effectiveness of the Criminal Justice System. Students’ were asked to investigate one of five topics and were given the freedom to present it in a multimodal genre of their choice.

This task format encouraged the students to choose a topic that peaked their interest, required investigation, research, and analysis. It also gave the students a creative outlet to display their acquired knowledge and understanding, all-the-while enlightening and entertaining themselves and their classmates.

Justin Smith’s ‘Bear Thrills Non-Written Presentation’ is a great example of how the students demonstrated their knowledge and understanding in a creative, fun and entertaining way - check it out!

Thank you Sarah for giving your students’ the opportunity to tap into their innovative and creative side via Digital Technologies. 

I encourage you all to find the best ways to incorporate video storytelling in your class.