Year 5 Formative and Summative Assessment


Featured staff member: Jesse Murphy

Subject area: Year 5

Focus: Formative and Summative Assessment 

Jesse Murphy has been using the Socrative app to carry out formative and summative assessment. Socrative provides the students with real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualisation. Through the use of the Socrative app on the iPad Jesse has been able to assess students on the fly and also gauge whole class and individual student levels of understanding in an instant. 

There are two versions of Socrative—a Student version and a Teacher version. Upon logging in, students enter a room number. The instructor can then see how many students are in the room, and can begin posing questions to the students. 

The different question options range from multiple choice, True/False, or open-ended questions. 

Socrative also compiles all the answers and presents it to you on screen, via email or as an excel spreadsheet.

Engage, assess and personalise your class with the Socrative app. Checkout: Socrative app for more details.