Year 5 STEAM: Solar Buddies

Featured staff member: Lauren Watterson
Subject area: Year 5 STEAM
Focus: Buddy2Buddy Solar Lights
Did you know? 18% of the world’s population do not have access to electricity!
Year 5 students as part of this terms STEAM work have been participating in the SolarBuddy, Buddy2Buddy program. This program enables children to learn how to make a small solar light in the classroom, which is then sent to children in developing countries to empowers them to light their home, allowing them to do homework and other household tasks safely.
To be able to successfully build their light, the students investigated:
  • How to fundraise in a team to cover the costs associated with their solar buddy
  • What light is and how it is transferred
  • Learned how to build a circuit
  • Found out how solar panels work
  • What energy poverty is and how it affects students around the world
  • How Science can be used to positively impact lives
They then demonstrated their understanding of these things by assembling the Buddy2Buddy solar light system and documenting their progress on their iPads.
Students wrote a personal letter to their 'buddy’ to be sent with their Buddy2Buddy. The solar lights built by the Year 5 students will help communities in developing countries by providing safe, clean and reliable solar energy solutions.
For more information on the SolarBuddy program see Lauren Watterson or checkout: Solar Buddy and how they are helping Australian students to develop a deeper understanding of energy poverty and the challenges faced by children and families living in developing countries.