Year 6 & 7 Arts: Co-created Arts iBook

Featured staff members: Anita Taylor, Jenny Burgess &
Jarrod Hibberd
Subject area: Middle School Arts
Focus: Co-created Arts iBook for Year 6 & 7
The Arts iBook was created for Year 6 and 7 Students to encourage communication and creativity in Arts (Art, Drama and Music).
The Arts iBook showcases the teaching and learning to be covered, and allows students to easily find the relevant chapter for their particular Arts subject. The iBook can be edited and updated as the subject is explored further. 
You can also use the Youtube links and resources in the iBook to assist with classroom demonstrations and examples.
To find out more about the Arts iBook, have a chat to the creators - Anita, Jenny or Jarrod. I am also more than happy to show you how to create an interactive iBook, containing videos, images, and other interactive resources. 

A quick YouTube video flick-through of the co-created Arts iBook for Year 6 & 7 .