Year 9 Geography: Endangered Species


Students' in year 9 Geography conducted research on an endangered species in pairs and created campaigns to persuade others that they should receive funding (hypothetical) from the United Nations Environmental Program to implement the strategy that they designed to save their species.  Students conducted all of their research in class via their iPad and elected to either create Keynote Presentations or iMovies.  Each group was put into a larger group where they had to watch other students' presentations and as a larger group, put forward the species to the "United Nations" - the class (photographs belowd).  The class then watched only the three presentations that were elected by each group.  From these three presentations, each student then had to fill out a Google Form where they voted for the species/strategy that they thought was most deserving and had to justify their decision via the Google Form.  The use of technology in this exercise had the following benefits:

  • Instead of the whole class having to watch 15 presentations and losing interest and taking up a lot of lesson time, putting each pair with two other groups, meant that they only had to watch two other presentations and only had to present to a smaller group, which some students felt more comfortable with.  In these groups, students were then required to use higher-order thinking skills to compare, contrast, debate and justify why they should be selected for the class presentation.  

  • The Google Form vote and justification that each student had to put forward allows the teacher to provide feedback on how students justify and argue their point of view.

Students also had the option to create infographics via apps like Grafio for presenting some of the information in their assignments.